Favourite Copenhagen Art Galleries

Favourite Copenhagen Art Galleries

My New Favourite Copenhagen Art Galleries

Last month I was lucky enough to take my third visit to the Copenhagen art galleries during a cheeky Valentine trip to Copenhagen. I armed myself with a list of all the art galleries that sounded cool, other than my all time favourite which I’ll run through. But this trip, I (we) managed to find a few more and they were brilliant!

Copenhagen art galleries

Recommendations for Copenhagen art galleries in no order…

Overgaden – Institut for Samtidskunst (+45 32577273)

We saw a really thought provoking installation called “Harvesting the Rare Earth” by Jacob Remin, basically, we walked upstairs after watching “Hysterics” by Rikke Benborg (which was pretty consuming) and just sat down. I didn’t even notice there was an installation until I put on some headphones! We sat still for ages listening to this really intense voice tell you the story of how minerals are being harvested in this really unusual way with butterflies, anyone into science or science fiction would love this. It was very much believable in a “the truth is stranger than fiction way” and I totally believed it all… if it’s not true I don’t know?

The building is very beautiful and in a great spot to get snacks and bits as you mosey around the water and the bridges.

Louisiana – Museum of Modern Art  +45 4919 0719

We took a trip along The Sound and went to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, it’s amazing… one of the best art galleries I’ve ever been to. Its location is just gorgeous, all the views out of the windows are stunning with sculptures in amongst the gardens with water and ponds. There were tonnes of ultra rich looking “international hipsters” there too which was exotic, they were scowling at us with Channel handbags and Gucci loafers… hilarious!

Louisiana art gallery Copenhagen

Copenhagen art galleries

Cheeky Giacometti sculpture by an exquisite view!

We saw the Louise Bourgeoise exhibit, which was really excellent and you could get up close and interact with her installations, to take in how macabre they are and I think it gives you a better idea of the story behind them when you can experience them up close to the point where you can smell their rubber and wool components! We also saw the light show “Gleaming Lights of the Souls by Yayoi Kusama but played a blinder by going back last so we didn’t have to queue up (tip!).

Kusama installation

Throwing a curve ball into what you would consider as art (IMO) was the Amature Architect’s “Reclaiming China” by Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu. This was just generally interesting for me as going to a museum of a town. It details the project undertaken to renovate a small village in China, still in keeping with their culture and history. My boyfriend really liked this, if you’re into Geography or China etc, you will love this too.

The last memorable exhibit was William Kentridge’s “Thick Time” it was very much an experience just to be near and definitely in the middle of his massive installations with consuming mechanical sounds, projections and wooden machine-like objects getting right into your space.

Copenhagen art galleries


Copenhagen art galleries


Bo Bjerggaard in the old Meat Packing District +45 33 93 42 21

Aside from the fact, the Meatpacking District is super dooper cool, the art galleries there are maybe cooler? Depending on who you are… We did go to one gallery with a photography exhibition, it had a downstairs which led to the fridges and seller where meat would have been kept, queue all my horror film nightmares coming true at once! It really did look like a scene from Saw.

The works by John Kørner were really great to see, just my taste which the mix of ugly art and abstract expressionism. The installation with beds, an angled floor and very cold climate made by opening windows was very impressive too. It really came together well I thought and made sense to his dystopic world.

Copenhagen art galleries


The best of the rest of my favourite Copenhagen art galleries…

SMK – Statens Museum for Kunst +45 3374 8494 Because no trip to Copenhagen is complete without a walk around this place, just for the size and amount of art you’ll see.
Design Museum of Denmark +45 20 75 19 99 Not an art gallery as such, but this place was great to explore and holds so much design inspiration! I bought myself a marble rolling pin if anyone’s keeping score?
I know I’ve missed tonnes of cool galleries out and would love to go back again and do some more and revisit all of the above! If you know of any that are an absolute MUST please let me know in the comments below.


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