Favourite Stockholm Art Galleries

Favourite Stockholm Art Galleries

Stockholm art galleries you must visit on your first trip!

Last week, over Easter, was the first time I’d ever been to Stockholm. With the most beautiful weather, crisp snowflakes and the sun, seal spotting and second-hand shopping, it was ace, I loved it, and I want to go back! I thought I’d round up the really obvious Stockholm art galleries you must go and see on your first trip as they are a good starting point when getting to know the city and seeing some really great classic art along the way. It was also really interesting to see the art up close, as I am used to seeing any classic paintings behind a glass frame. The art I saw wasn’t protected as such wich allowed me to get really close up and look at the paint’s texture and take a few pictures for reference.

Modern Art Museum +46 8 5202 3500

This was my favourite museum to walk around do a little hipster spotting, the “aggy” super rich were out in force the day we were there, not so “get out of my way” as the rich folk at the Louisiana Gallery in Copenhagen but they were up there! The gallery is huge and although we didn’t go to any of the paid exhibits like Marina Abramovic’s The Cleaner, we did watch her documentary though playing outside which you can watch on the gallery website too.  The permanent works are really great viewing and include things like Matisse which I’d seen a lot of at his Tate retrospective a couple of years ago, Francis Picabia which was my favourite painting in the whole place, Salvador Dali and loads of other works.

Stockholm art galleries

Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde + 46 8 545 837 25

This house is so worth going to just to walk around the stunning stately home, Price Eugen’s art collection is displayed on multiple floors with some sort of little history museum thing at the top too for… kid’s I suppose. I really enjoyed getting up close to the paintings and checking out the texture of the paint without the fear that someone would “tell you off”. Just look at that canvas below and the thick almost 2mm thick layer of paint on top of that, lightly cracking and highlighting the earthy cavas material.  We also saw the Joan Miro exhibit which was excellent and curated really well. The references to Barcelona, socialism and Barcelona FC were really interesting too.

stockholm art galleries


Thielska Galleriet +46 8 662 58 84

This gallery is definitely a treat for those who like Munch, Lautrec and other visual treats like excellent views, beautiful interior and a sweet little cafe. The house is amazing to walk around and so serene and calm. They follow the same Swedish rule of “only one toilet” though so expect to meet some other tourists in the queue by the door!


Stockholm art galleries

Smaller Stockholm art galleries

When walking around the city, there are so many small art galleries to just pop into and have a look. Although, this came at a slight price to all the gods of British awkwardness as we found the actual artists sitting in the galleries and had to make conversation (cue very awkward chats) I just can’t handle that sort of atmosphere! For those who like to have a good chat with the artist about their work though, this would be a dream!

Also, go to this delightful bakery just for the paper bags and deals on Cinnabun’s!

This cafe is also really cute and beautiful.


I’d love some tips on where to go in Stockholm on my next visit, please leave any ideas you have or places you’ve been in the comments below 🙂



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