Artists Open Houses – Brighton #1

Artists Open Houses – Brighton #1

It’s sunny, I’m sleepy and have just got back from cake, hummus ciabatta sandwiches and soya lattes at North Village. We just spent the morning going to a few of the Brighton’s Artists Open Houses around the back of Five Ways in “The Dip”. There’s a big pile of cards on my table and am working my way through following all of the cool artistic bods and checking out their websites and stuff now!

Thought I’d write a few words about what’s caught my eye so far. I basically wanted to go and meet a few people and just be like “what’s cool?” and this is what I found:

Janet Sang – Janet’s prints on display depicted representations of London landscapes which you need to stand and work out what is what, and yes they make a lot of geographical sense. Having lived in London for a couple of years, it was clear to me but I saw a couple of others working it out slowly which was great to see the realisation on their faces! Janet’s work also has some political undertones running through and are well worth looking into. (Pic from Janet Sang at Axis Web).
Janet Sang


Marion Macalpine – Downstairs at Janet’s (above) was a small solo exhibit of Marion’s photographs looking at the issues surrounding homelessness in London against some photographs of massive gated houses. The series entitled “How Come We Didn’t Know” was a really interesting interpretation of this. I think it’s great when art with a message is accessible to all, there was no guessing needed and anyone. Artists or not would be able to appreciate the thought provoking images and accompanying slide show.

It resonated with my boyfriend who had organised an event at Brighton University last night (because he works there) about the privatisation of the NHS. There were academics, GPs and activists speaking and sharing information with students and other teachers etc. It did get a bit “aggy” but that was just because people are so passionate about the subject (Screen shot from

Marion Macalpine


Kay Aplin – Ceramic Empress – If you’re not into ceramics it’s worth going to Kay’s house just because it’s beautiful and some of the rooms are available on Air BnB too. It really is something special for interior lovers! Her ceramic work has spanned decades and her 7th year doing artists houses shows work from Korea. The Made in Korea work showcases contemporary ceramics from Korean artists bringing something unique and very sophisticated to the Brighton art world. This blog post for A-N Magazine explains more. (Screen shot from


Kay Aplin Ceramic Empress


Nick Orsborn – Looking through Nick’s artwork was so much fun, really bright colourful and happy (sometimes naughty). Whether you want smaller prints, large framed prints, jewellery or gifts this open house was fantastic for it! The set up was really professional too rather like finding a small boutique tucked away full of treasure.

Artists Open Houses


Dion Salvador Lloyd – Because this beautiful print is going straight on my fridge!


Dion Salvador Lloyd



Phillipa Stanton – Because you can’t mention Brighton artists without the amazing @5ftinf Instagram flat lays of absolute DREAMS! I knew it was her work straight away on the front cover of the Fiveways Artists Houses book.

Artists Open Houses

Have you visited any of the Brighton artists open houses? If so which were your favourite? I want to do them next time so if you’re looking to collaborate on this let me know!

Disclosure – I haven’t specifically said where people’s open houses were because I think it’s a bit weird to give details of that without asking!

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