My Week in Art #7

My Week in Art #7

My Week in Art #7 – Possible Father’s Day Gift and Wild Flower Arranging

This week has seen me framing a group of small abstract sketched prints which are heading over to Etsy as we speak, which would make great Father’s Day gift. I’ve also been thieving wildflowers (weeds) to make pretty flat lays, whether they end up getting used or not.  Those large canvasses are almost done and have taken forever with the layer I needed to dry and build up. Here are the best bits:

Flowers for flat lay ideas, I really like the look of wildflowers over shop bought (or shop grown) flowers as they always come across more dainty and “free” looking. I’m probably the only person thinking this as to most they are weeds that smell possibly like fox poo? Each to their own…


framed prints


Still practising my terrible flat lay skills for some new Etsy listings. These small prints would be a great Father’s Day gift as they are small and can be added to a print collection or used to brighten up a small room, office or desk.


Father's Day Gift


There was also time to see the rest of the Kemptown Arts Trail. I’ve written a blog on this here, my favourite artists and houses are listed for those wondering what all the fuss is about!



Best of the Rest: Father’s Day Gifts and More…

Where my Dad’s concerned, his favoured gifts would be abstract nudes

When this old school series on Goldsmith’s University students is still on YouTube.

Also this documentary on the Royal College of Art Painting MA.

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