My Week in Art #8 – Exhibiting at Sidewinder Brighton

My Week in Art #8 – Exhibiting at Sidewinder Brighton

My Week in Art #8 – Exhibiting at Sidewinder, Brighton and More

Last week I was contacted by Sidewinder Brighton to say there was now space to exhibit my work on their very spacious wall during the month of June. I gladly accepted and within less than 24 hours the art was over in a taxi and fixed up on the walls. I’m so pleased with how it’s looking and hope loads of Brightonians, and visitors alike go there, have some beers and food and see my work!


Sidewinder Brighton


I chose the pieces based on harmonising colours, as I wanted to use the canvases, I chose prints that would work against them, but would still add some colour and feature to the wall. I chose a pallet of harmonising pinks, nudes, blues and greens and a similar monoprint effect across all of the artworks. I think they work really well together as one unit, but the pieces are able to stand alone at the same time.


Sidewinder Brighton


I chose pieces that were larger and could easily be fixed to the wall with a couple of simple nails, or frame hooks. My canvasses are pretty easy to put up, I use a level meter and some wire to get a straight line and just pop the canvas on the top of the nails. The frames were fixed on a frame hook nailed to the wall. They all had two frame loops behind them and strong string to hook onto the fixtures. I left a bunch of my double-sided flyers and fixed a couple to the wall too. Prices are written below.


Sidewinder Brighton


All of the work exhibited at Sidewinder Brighton is for sale at, anything that doesn’t sell will be back up on my Etsy shop amongst other delights straight afterwards. There’s a mixture of framed prints ranging around 40 pounds and larger canvases at 60 pounds. I’ll be taking my family when they next pay a visit, as my Mom is down for a few days while my partner is at a conference. Maybe my Brother will try to crack out the guitar and do some songs as well!


Other news from this week:

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Creativity in politics, what people do other than canvassing.

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