My Week in Art #11 – New Artwork In Progress

My Week in Art #11 – New Artwork In Progress

My Week in Art #11 – new artwork & those in progress

The new artwork I finished above has basically given our flat a new housemate. My new life-size abstract work is currently keeping e company in the dining space, looking at me working away! It has completely wiped out my supply of white paint both in acrylic and oil mediums as expected too. I think it’s definitely time to clear out and organise my paints, I’m trying to make better choices when it comes to the paint I buy and use – as in buying just what I need not falling for paint sales. I wrote this post on eco-art here, for reference.


New Artwork


New Artwork


New Artwork


The testers above are part of a new series I am currently working on. Now the largest art pieces have been made, it’s time to step away and draw (a dotted) line for the time being. Currently, I’ve started looking at texture and colour themes more than the actual shapes I make, these are for some portrait ideas and some other work for my Etsy shop (browse here) I have wanted to experiment with for a while. This seems the perfect time to give it a go before I return to work from my previous series.

The testers above were first shown over on my Instagram Stories, there’s a link to my Instagram page along the right sidebar (and here) I often document my process when creating art so it’s worth following me on there too which is much appreciated in the era of the “Instagram bot”.


new artwork


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying videos from Minnie Small, cool, classy, artistic and are not trying to sell you stuff! After watching her bullet journal video, I’ve been obsessing over starting my own. Working part time as well as freelancing and making art means I really, desperately need to organise myself and focus all of my thoughts. I’ve been list writing for years, but have gotten hooked on the bullet journal craze and general documenting everything like crazy too. This cork, note wall (found outside our flat, thank you neighbours!) I’ve started putting together has been a transition from taping everything to the fridge. I’m a super visual person at the best of times and this is no exception for my daily inspiration and thoughts.

Included in the above are maps from Copenhagen, photos from Barcelona and Christiania, a super old one from my graduation, vintage pics of my Mom and bits from weddings and museums.


Extra thoughts, inspiring new artwork:

A week in Wales means new research for galleries and art in general.

The possibility of an Oslo trip also means research is needed, and coffee.

I am walking more than ever, thanks to new work, hello evening yoga.

The frappe season has got me, got me good!

Fake tan plus sweat plus paint – I need this more than ever (filth).

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