My Week in Art #12 – I Need New Paint!

My Week in Art #12 – I Need New Paint!

My Week in Art #12 – All the new paint I need (and goodbye cash)

This week I’ve been packaging artworks for those baby scan prints I started and wrote about here. I have a few orders lined up and some colour schemes to start creating, as a lot of people don’t associate with the classic “baby colours” I have been creating some more variations. It’s really interesting to see how different people’s baby scans look as well, so each artwork if definitely unique! My technique has been to print the scans off on A4 and lay them under my printing cellophane like a stencil and paint the areas I need to represent. There were thoughts about doing this freehand but I decided against it.



New Paint


These packages have been zooming across motorways in postal vans no doubt, all polka dotted and sealed. There has been a lovely little stack of packaged prints on the side, much to the dismay of the post office staff! (Sorry guys, more to come!).


I’ve also been moving my large scale canvas paintings over to Saatchi art. As much as I love Etsy, I don’t feel like people are in the market for “huge niche fine art” as much as they are for my more commercial works. I’ll try out this new platform and will see how it goes. Have a look over here.


New Paint



New paint and other art supplies on my wishlist and currently buying!

I am in drastic need of new paint. After finishing the really big canvas the other week, my stocks are depleted immensely. Here’s my shopping list and what I am repurchasing. I try to buy paint and the things I need and use all the time in bulk now because I know I’ll get through them so fast otherwise and don’t want all the packaging (see my eco-artist blog).

White Oil Paint – a couple of these would last a decent amount of time.

White Acrylic Paint – A good amount of paint and can be mixed with others to improve it’s quality.


Sturdy paint brushes – maybe synthetic brushes won’t disintegrate as easily?

Pallet knives -this set would last me years!

Canvases -in 60 x 80 cm

Sketchbooks – well hello? Aren’t you the bargain of a lifetime right now?


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