Summer Home Decor Hacks

Summer Home Decor Hacks

Summer Home Decor Hacks: Let there be light!

Summer really isn’t my favourite time of year, for me, it just doesn’t have Christmas or February birthdays. That said when people try to make the most of a situation even one as little of a problem as Summer, the results can be pretty good. I thought I’d put together some ideas for making your home more Summery, and how to incorporate art into your home to reflect the Summer months. What if, just what if you’re low on funds for the next three months and aren’t planning a trip away? What if your art is your only income and not providing disposable cash yet? These ideas can also be done on the cheap, can update up your living space and make you feel those exotic Summer vibes… WIN!


Bring in plants, always…

(photo via this source)

Summer Home Decor


Especially during Summer, I have learned the hard way thought that making cute arrangments of plants from just anywhere comes with its consequences (thank you fox poo). Better stick to taking a small bunch of lavender, fresh green leaves or flowers from taller plants as low on the ground ones can sometimes smell like… Anything is a fragrance is amazing as the house warms, then an open window helps spread the perfume around via a gentle summer breeze, lovely! Also, side thought here, imagine tying little bunched of hanging flowers on your curtain frame and watching the flowery shadows dance on the floor?


Summer Home Decor


Where to find:

  • Garden
  • Park
  • Sneak them from neighbours gardens
  • The woods
  • Grow from seed
  • Supermarket

Replace heavy blankets

(Source here)

Summer Home Decor


These really nice beach towels could definitely double up as throws, picnic blankets, table cloths or night sheets when it’s blooming glorious outside. Same for the linen sheet below, the difference in fabric and something more earthy brings a sense of the exotic to your rooms. Also, adoring these DIY pic nic blanket ideas too!

(source here)

Summer Home Decor


Where to find:

  • Charity shops
  • Ebay
  • Haberdasheries (plus your own DIY)
  • Curtain shops (again, plus your own DIY)
  • Car boot sales
  • Online car boot sales


Get the seaside feeling indoors


Art and the sea


There’s a blog written about the relationship between art and the sea. This mentions some other excellent seaside painters too. A light fresh ocean scene not only puts you in the mood for Summer and warm sunny days, the light colours also bounce sunshine around your rooms, multi-tasking art eh?


And the rest, summer home decor extra treats:

If you can’t open your windows

A whole bunch of these potted plants everywhere, please! 

Ideally in these illustrated plant pots


Let me know what you do with your living space during the Summer months, whether you’ve got a soft spot for neon plastic plates and cutlery or using the paddling pool as an outdoor bath!



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