Making Art on Holiday: Travel Art Kit

Making Art on Holiday: Travel Art Kit

My Travel Art Kit: Last Minute Holiday Packing!

We’re all going on a… summer holiday! In my dire attempt at packing everything, I’m probably going to forget my travel art kit and thoroughly regret it! We’re getting a hire car and going to Wales for a bit. Don’t you think when you drive on holiday you pack the most bizarre amount of pointless crap just because you’ve got a boot to fill? Chances are I’ll pack three beach balls and no pants, so this blog post is actually to remind myself to put my travel art kit actually in the car…


Travel Art Kit


Firstly, I actually emptied out some rather suspect jars of painty water from a bunch of prints I made and washed my really old brushes. I figure it’s best to take all my gnarled old stuff, A, because I can get rid of it if needs-be, and B, don’t they sort of look more “arty” when they’re all old?

So I wrapped these up in a couple of cloth rags and that’s all my tools. I’m taking my favourite pallet knife because it’s my baby, some smaller brushes as I’ll be working out of a sketch book and my flat pallet knife for scraping paint.

Paint wise, I’m just using acrylic because I very much doubt oil will dry properly and want to just make some quick things like colour schemes and figures (classic, eh?). I’ve packed some old tubes of primary shades, a white black and muted tone green, yellow and blue to mix a bit further.

Finally, I’m taking a half finished sketch book which I always rip the pages out of and keep in a separate folder, and a new bullet journal so I can sort my life out while I’m away!


Travel Art Kit


As you know, I’m trying to be less wasteful with art supplies and wrote this blog here about being more eco-friendly. Therefore, I’m using this trip as a use up job and am trying to get more use out of colours I don’t use so much and to take things that aren’t too harmful like solvents used for oils. Just because I won’t be sure where to drain the chemicals away and don’t want to get oils on any of their property etc!

Arty Bits in Wales: Wishlist

Exploring the Cambrian Mountains

Art prints of the Cambrian Mountains to think about colour schemes 

100% want to visit this place!

Let’s face it no holiday is complete without tonnes of cake…


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