My Week in Art #14 – Art for Serenity

My Week in Art #14 – Art for Serenity

My Week in Art #14 – Some much-needed art for serenity and peace

I’ve had some busy times this week and last, with work commitments, freelance work and the news my Nan is poorly in hospital, I’ve been a bit all over the place. I wanted to make her a little piece of art for serenity and peacefulness that she could have in her hospital room or maybe when she gets home too. Having finally found some smaller frames I can make mini coloured pieces which do radiate a sense of fresh and stillness.


art for serenity


I used a pallet of pastel pinks, lilacs. muted beige and blues to layer together and make a deep tranquil print. I also used this for the baby scan print I made for a little newborn girl too!


art for serenity


After writing this blog post on baby scan art, I’ve not got a girl print to add to the collection as well. The colour themes are chosen by you, just send me a photo of your scan and let me know what sort of colour theme you like. The lovely lady who wanted a baby girl scan asked for lilacs as she’s not a fan of pink. I think they work really well and this print would work in any number of rooms too, not just the baby’s room.


Art for serenity


art for serenity


This weekend, I am driving back to my Mom’s and visiting my Nan, hopefully, she’ll be feeling better. Then it’s off to Wales for a holiday up the mountains, I just wrote this blog post too on my travel art kit (and an eco-friendly art one here).

In other news:

I am first aid trained!

A classic tune and what a legacy to leave

Making cake with this

I finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale last weekend. It’s a really good book, easy to get through and very relevant in today’s world. Will get you thinking about many things.




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