My Week In Art #15 – Holiday Time | An Arty Week in Machynlleth

My Week In Art #15 – Holiday Time | An Arty Week in Machynlleth

An arty time indeed in and around Machynlleth and the Cambrian Mountains…

Last week was a bit of a week off from “painting etc” and more of a chance to step back and think about the direction my new work is going to go in. My partner and I were in the Cambrian Mountains around Machynlleth and the surrounding area. As you know, I’ve been splitting my art into two sides, my fine art practice with larger pieces and prints found over here and my baby scan prints and gifts found here. It’s been a bit of hard work getting used to and I still need to upload loads of my artwork from the Sidewinder exhibit too. I should have just been a good, efficient human being and got it all done while on holiday, but the Air BnB we stayed in didn’t have much internet and… we were out all day!


Arty buys from Machynlleth


The paint tube above has been by far a favourite art purchase of late, it’s basically a pop bottle that screws around to any length. So simple! But it lets you carry any size paint brush around!! And it was 35p from The Deco Shop which you have to go to if you’re ever in the area. It’s just the most lovely Scandi, Hygge style interior store with a lovely little art supplies shop thrown in for good measure. I felt like I could have moved in (with carrot cake supplies from the market). I also got the pallet knives seen in the top pic there too! The other art bits were just little childish presents to myself from one of the Poundshops. Side note, the guy serving was wearing a Villa shirt, so you know, we were basically family.


An art holiday in Machynlleth


My fear of being in an “un fenced” enclosure with sheep, horses and cows has shown no signs of waning. Bolshy when they’re behind a fence and timid otherwise. I don’t know where this fear has even come from! What are likely to do though really? Bite me?


An arty holiday in Machynlleth



An arty holiday in Machynlleth


And all the rest, Machynlleth & beyond…

A creamy apricot bib – a phrase I’m obsessed with.

Chasing Hinterland scenes at Devil’s Bridge.

…And more on a bike ride around the dams.

Definitely, visit the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT).


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