My Week in Art #16 – New Colour Schemes

My Week in Art #16 – New Colour Schemes

My Week in Art #16 – new colour scheme testing and slow progress


This week I got two things, a free moment in the flat alone, and some actual spare time. Wondrous as I am currently in my “busy period” whilst my day job is full time and I work on other freelance bits. I have now decided to create my colour scheme tests on something more useful in the aftermath too. I am making them into greeting cards and small framed prints. I think when I see them as a sort of “product” (sounding horribly pro market there) it helps me visualise the imagery or print I can add on the top layer, something to do with the borders? I don’t know.


New Colour Schemes


These new colour schemes are inspired by my recent holiday around the Cambrian mountains. I wanted to capture that senseĀ of dark, rain sprinkled dense forest with the deep blue seaside waters. These are kind of a mash up of many close up shots I’d taken and mixed colours from. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter for more close up shots.


My pallet below was a thing of absolute beauty to behold covered in jewel like blobs and smears of deep paint! This lead way to a new technique also, as I was mixing a looser acrylic paint with thick pigmented oil. Using a pallet knife, I found spread together, the textures lead to a “turtle shell” effect that was nothing short of dreams!


New Colour Schemes


New Colour Schemes


New colour schemes and other reasons why I have no time:


My dog had her first trip to London!

A green tea latte is probably the worth thing ever to drink from Starbucks.

Finished The Handmaid’s Tale, both the book and the series. Stay woke!

Finished Top of The Lake series 2, not overly impressed this time.

Finished Blue Eyes, the ending was ummmmm?

Need The Bridge, series 4 to start!

Our household has made a collective vow not to watch any more seriesĀ until October…



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