Victoria Miro Gallery London | Tal R and Idris Khan

Victoria Miro Gallery London | Tal R and Idris Khan

Victoria Miro Gallery

The gallery between Islington and Hoxton is a stunning building to walk through, with great views across London too!

Tal R at the Victoria Miro Gallery First Floor


The Israeli artist uses “leftover materials” rather like the idea of a “lunch box” to produce works. At the Vitoria Miro gallery, we see his use of rabbit skin glue mixed with pigments (gutted for the vegetarians like myself). This paint is them applied directly to the canvas, on closer inspection, you can see the woven canvas fabric underneath peeping through between blocked colours. The colours themselves are both bright and muted at the same time. The overall effect would at first glance make you think this is carnival brightness and neon colours. When you inspect the paint and the overall colour choices, they are much more subtle, carefully picked and balanced.

The small exhibition showcases the “Sex shops” paintings, bold bright and actually very beautiful. My favourite piece was definitely Red Allenby as I felt it was taken a step further into abstraction with the limited startlingly bright pallet of reds and pinks. This piece, for me, was more expressive, the redness perhaps suggesting danger, maybe to the workers…

Idris Khan at the Victoria Miro Gallery Third Floor

The “Absorbing Light” exhibition, for me, is a real textural treat. I am very much fond of textures and shades of paint and they way layers of these things can alter their perceived density and light. The large canvases of striped black paint create an interesting depth and literally absorb light. The sculptures play with the way forms can alter their surroundings, creating darkness and shadow, and new forms from these two.

The overall exhibit it a calming and serene pleasure to walk through, to absorb yourself in and think about. Looking at these works is like a mini mindfulness session (as wanky as that sounds). Soft light, shades, forms and text layered together to lull you into relaxation.

Victoria Miro Gallery


Extra fun stuff in East London:

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Ottolenghi – for lux breakfasts before heading back to work.

Hackney Vegan Market.

Clapton Market for food and treasures.

The London Borough of Jam – for fruity gifts and doughnuts for the road.

Paks Hair and Beauty – for base oils and soaps.

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