My 7 Last Minute Homemade and Free Christmas Ideas

My 7 Last Minute Homemade and Free Christmas Ideas

7 Homemade and Free Christmas Ideas


So even though my Christmas shopping was finished mid-November and I say the phrase “let’s do Christmas *insert drink here* next week?” on a daily basis during the whole festive season, I’m actually not too into it. Partly because I don’t live near my family, partly because I’m really tight with money (read have none) take your pick.

However, this means I will be the kind of psycho that will hand make everything, think paintbrushes made from twigs and my own hair that don’t work, copious amounts of cards (find them here) and various gifts. So, I thought I’d make a mental note of all the random homemade and free Christmas things you could do too!


1 – Grow a Christmas tree all year

Why have a Christmas tree that’s real that you’ll chuck out after a couple of weeks? This I don’t get at all, but each to their own. I would rather have an actual pot plant tree that I can grow and potentially fail at growing come April but heck… I tried. The tree in question was a supermarket job, super cheap for a whole plant.


2 – The easiest greeting cards


Homemade free Christmas ideas

So I figure any kind of abstract, square shape can be taken as a package, gift or decoration. Depending on if you want to illustrate it more or less. These were literally spread on with a pallet knife in two colours. I made a few to use as birthday cards too, next year – so easy anyone can do this!

3 – Candied orange peel


Homemade free Christmas ideas

So festive and so impressive even though they are not exactly rocket science to make and much easier than baking. I used this blog here, and they are super yummy. This lovely lady also has a chocolate shop in the Brighton Open Market and sells amazing ones dipped in dark chocolate too… heaven.

4 – Jam as gift tags


Homemade free Christmas ideas

So, I bought a multi-pack of little jams for about two and a half quid. I then tied them around gifts in the flavours the recipients would probably like. Boom, personalised, a gift, a treat. They look better than I thought too and actually kind of “chic”.

5 – Handwritten letters

I absolutely love letter writing and used to do it quite a lot. I think instead of getting caught up in the never-ending cycle of getting cards and things for friends who live away or acquaintances or cousins etcetera, try writing a letter, maybe early December so they know the lay of the land visa vi gifts. Much more personal and something really nice.

6 – Illustrated vouchers

A homemade card, with a beautiful little note and an illustrated voucher for say “buy something nice for 10 quid” or “dinner and stay at my place” I find is an effective way of giving people stuff without actually having to buy anything or carry it. Say there’s that person that wants and needs nothing? There’s your solution.

7 – Dry leaves and twig decor


Homemade free Christmas ideas

Even though it sounds crap, a few dry twigs with berries attached or in a cool “deer antler” shape in a bottle or vase, for me, looks way better than tinsel (although, I do love tinsel). Easy to compost or dump in the recycling or whatever when you take it all down too. The ones above were found in November when the branches were going orange and dry but still hade their fruit intact.


I would love to hear if you do any of these or any tips you might have yourself, leave a comment, it would make my day!


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