Flowers Gallery, Kingsland Road – Nadav Kander Exhibit

Flowers Gallery, Kingsland Road – Nadav Kander Exhibit

Nadav Kander: Dark Line – The Thames Estuary

As I hadn’t been to Dalston much in ages, I thought it was high time I revisited the Nadav Kander show at Flowers Gallery. I remember seeing the inner offices and all the upstairs rooms in 2013 when I interviewed for an internship (which I didn’t get) but the thought the whole building and set up was so stunning. I liked the size from the off – sort of huge with a mass amount of downstairs space, perfect for a big impactful show, but lots of lovely working areas tucked away in the upper levels.

Nadav Kander’s Dark Line – The Thames Estuary show for me really appealed with its Scandi / Icelandic moody photography, you could easily be forgiven for thinking you were looking at random sea lines or ports from off the coast of Iceland. I love this style, the details in each photo, like little changes in colour in the water, or a spotted structure along a horizon.

Nadav Kander

I also have to say, hats off to the curator of this show! The lighting and placement of these works against their installation structures (deep, dark vats of water housing artefacts from the Thames Estuary) were sublime.

Around the back corner, the exhibit is accompanied by a sound and video installation of the artist himself submerged in water in a dreamlike, serene state. Watching this adds tension as you wonder how he is managing to breathe and whether he’ll need to come up for air or even die on screen. This is accompanied by gentle, heavenly music.

This is the third exhibit relating to water or the sea I’ve seen in a short space of time, have a look at my blog post from Dublin and Belfast as they had two sea-based exhibits and see how they compare. I really enjoy artwork and exhibitions that carry a geographical or political element, not only are they great for taking your academic/political other-half to, but they are really educational I find and make me look at global issues from a whole new perspective.


Nadav Kander


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