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I want my artist practice this new year, not to keep banging on about the new year this far into January, to be a lot more documented. I really enjoy watching anything about other artists on Youtube or where ever. I had a great DVD about Frank Auerbach that I used to watch a lot and enjoy seeing people in their studios or spaces with their work. Obviously, I like watching anything “vloggy” or “real life” in general, couple that with it being about art and I am hooked. So, I invested in a nice camera and have been building up by making little videos of myself drawing too. So, just warning you, get ready for some really embarrassing footage of me on here soon!



The sketches I’ve been doing above and below are the start of my new work, taking into account the colour schemes I was working on in my last art update post. These will be simplified and made into monoprints for my smaller canvasses. The larger ones are what I keep for creating an entire painting with no print work, I feel it compliments my style if I paint as large as possible. For me, printing is great for my smaller work – it just seems to work out better that way.



What’s great about sketchbook work and watching yourself work in general is that I get a better sense of what materials are working and what are less effective. For instance, I can see the way I hold a pen and the speed at which my drawing happens varied greatly on the pen or pencil. I think a really fine line pen looks so much more crisp and clean than a biro and they both work much better for my style than traditional pencils do. I could see this a lot more comparing how I hold both and the length of some of the videos on my phone.

At this current moment, I have a front room full of paintings that are either primed and ready to go or have their backgrounds mapped out and are waiting to be printed. Very much looking forward to that tonight and to the update with how they turn out. Also, I know how cringe my old school dubstep backing tracks are on my drawings… what do you like to listen to when you create?


Current favourite artists to watch:

Cat Creature – for beautiful editing and more fashiony bits too.

Semi Skimmed Min – an amazing illustrator.

Katie Jobling – great for inspiration.

Lindsay Weirich – her art story is really interesting and she gives great advice.

Of course, if you’d like to follow my channel, it’s here too… Thank you, speak soon x


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