Annabel Wyatt Illustration


Annabel Wyatt Illustration


Annabel Wyatt Illustration


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an artist from Brighton


How to make art that looks effortless


art in summer colour theme


Annabel Wyatt Art


Bad art advice


art in summer colour theme


Print on canvas by Annabel Wyatt


duck egg blue monoprint


Monoprint on canvas


Pink and green monoprint Annabel Wyatt


Painting for bedroom


portrait for the dining room


prints made in Brighton UK


figurative monoprint

mono print with figures

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Spring colour themed prints


Spring colour themed prints




My Mini Art Gallery

My art all together in one place, scroll down with a cup of tea or coffee and pretend you’re in an art gallery. So much fun! I love creating my own little art gallery spaces in my house and around me wherever I go! My work is prolific, I create a series around every two weeks so that’s twenty new prints per month or thereabouts, I’ve also had interest for my tester prints which I have started selling as well as they are easy to frame and create a product that’s a perfect gift!

Art Inspiration from Artists

My art inspirations come from many places, my painterly, freestyle comes from studying German Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism during my college and university years. I also worked at Contemporary Art Galleries and drew impulse from artists like Cecily Brown.

Art Inspiration from Books

I’ve been inspired by the stories and life commentary from philosophers Nietzche and others, as well as, works by RD Laing, writing my dissertation on the art of the mentally unwell. I was also massively influenced by The Divine Comedy which referenced hell, I’ve taken this further by relating the imagery to my artworks, defining a hell made by oneself.

Art Inspiration from Life

My work after university (whilst living in London and now living in Brighton) have been heavily influenced, not only by the books and artist inspiration I’ve mentioned but by life situations and class. Struggles with class and identity are referenced through my works with figurative forms lending posture and body language towards the exclusive and grandiose manners.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my works, I hope you enjoyed the trip through my “virtual gallery”. Any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch and leave me a message.