Artist | Contact

Artist | Contact

An artist from Brighton living by the sea

Thank you for visiting my tiny gallery on the internet! I’m an artist from Brighton. I studied Fine Art at Birmingham City University before moving to East London. Now living by the sea, I have a chance to reflect upon my past experiences, using them as a platform to create figurative works and portraits. I enjoy using ocean colours, especially blues and greens with the occasional pop of something bright like pink or orange. I love to work with white paint too, watching the nuances of colour it catches through blending, and the way it creates a blank but intriguing canvas for prints and portraits.These colours aren’t necessarily “complimentary” but work together in an “ugly” way creating a unique experience for the viewer and work which aims to make something good out of the ugliness of modern society.

My practice as an artist from Brighton, utilising my small space

I currently work from my front room studio looking out on a tiny little bit of sea and the park in front of me. Living in East London has taught me to use small spaces to the best of my ability and utilise every inch of floor, walls and table to inevitably… cover it all in paint!

Again, thank you for visiting, please do get in touch…

Contact me via email here or here. I’m also on Etsy if that an easier route too!